Friday, 25 September 2009

FilthyGorgeousMakeup Reviews Vital from the Modern Matte Collection

Natalya @ FilthyGorgeousMakeup recently reviewed Vital from the Modern Matte Collection and was excited to try out this season's hotly debated matte nails trend by saying, " is something new and fun to try, and a great excuse to buy more polishes!"

Natalya goes on to describe the polish as, "...very richly pigmented and is opaque after just one coat...the best thing about it was the drying time. It was dry to the touch within a matter of seconds and set in a couple of minutes, which is great for me as I am always doing my nails in a rush!"

And for anyone who is concerned that matte polish will look dirty or tired on the nails, Natalya clears this up by saying, "Even though the finish is matte it did not look dull as it has tiny flecks of shimmer to give it dimension"

Don't forget - Nubar also make a fantastic matte top coat called 'V For Men' which will strengthen and increase the longevity of the polish, whilst retaining the high-fashion finish!

Available here for £6.55

Vital from the Modern Matte Collection can be purchased here from

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