Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nubar's New Baby Blue: This seasons must have shade!

As the winter cold snap is now well underway, make sure you "snap up," this seasons must have shade of nail polish from Nubar: Baby Blue.

As seen featured above in this weeks Stylist magazine, Nubar Baby Blue is a stunning shade, that to many will instantly conjour up images of frostbite and icy conditions, so it fits in perfectly with the current weather that we are experiencing, making it the ideal polish to wear to all upcoming winter events, or even just to work. Infact, it can even be worn to brighten you up and banish the winter blues!

Or, if you think the pastel shade is more fitting with marking the approach of spring, then buy it ready for the changing of seasons, a nice contrast to the usually darker, more sultry shades of winter.

Nubar is available to buy from priced at £8.

Friday, 10 December 2010

New Year, New Nails!

Ok, so we know you may all be busy caught up in all the excitement and madness that follows on the run up to Christmas, eg. Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, parties, etc, but with only 3 weeks to go until New Years Eve, it is so easy to overlook preparing for your New Years Eve celebrations, so it is not too early to think about your New Year Nails.

You may want to stick to the current winter trend of sticking to darker shades, such as Taffeta, and the lovely christmassy Rosso Red, or if you feel you want to match your nail colour's to the recent spell of frosty arctic weather that we have currently been experiencing, then what could be more fitting than Organza. It's beautiful sheer pearly white shimmer immediately conjours up images of frosty winter mornings, where you are faced with having to de ice your cars before you leave for work each day, and the pretty sight of fresh dew on the grass. In addition to this, the glittery tone is the perfect option for New Years Eve parties, enabling you to shimmer and sparkle on the dancefloor.

This colour is a popular choice with Rosie Hunting-Whitley.

And of course, there is no need to stop on New Years Day. Why not carry on the trend into the New Year? Once the Winter is over, why not mark the thawing of the frost and ice by wearing Nubar Baby Blue, which is set to be the hottest new shade for spring. This exciting new shade is already popular with various different celebrities, such as Diana Vickers. Hopefully many others will follow her lead!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nubar fans: Dannii Minogue and Diana Vickers!

It seems as the X factor ladies love Nubar polishes! The latest fans to follow suit, after the lovely Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, is Dannii Minogue and Diana Vickers!

The two, who are always ones to be ahead of the pack with the latest trends, have been wearing Nubar’s latest shades from their Finest Silks and Venetian Glass collections.

Follow in the footsteps of Dannii with rich tones: Sateen and Rosso. Or Diana, with Nubar’s NEW baby blue shade, £8 each.

Get yours from